The Straight Truth: The Life of an Expert Witness
The Straight Truth: The Life of an Expert Witness


Have you been wondering how to turn your experience and expertise into a lucrative and rewarding second career? This book is for everyone seeking The Straight Truth about the highly rewarding, high-stakes world of the expert witness. In these pages, the author shares valuable information about launching, marketing, building, and conducting an expert witness practice—but he does not stop there. Gulya discusses actual cases on which he served as an expert witness, revealing lessons learned, and alerting the reader to potential opportunities and pitfalls. Read more

About William Gulya

William “Bill” Gulya has forty years of experience in the site-work construction business. He is a highly respected and sought after expert witness in his field. For many of those years, he has been the principal of Middlesex Trenching, a company founded by his late and beloved father. Over the years, Gulya grew the business from a tiny company using the local deli as an office, into a highly successful enterprise.
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Excerpt from the Book

So, why would you want to become an expert witness?

After all, the work can be very tedious and demanding.
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